It was too good to be true…

Victor is everything a woman dreams of—a handsome millionaire with a jet-setting life in New York City and a dark past. He’s also a master of erotic control who knows how to make a woman feel divine. Who could resist him?

Sierra’s world is falling apart—her sister has abandoned her to dive into the seedy underground clubs in the city. Sierra has no one else to turn to, and Victor offers her excitement, security and passion. But can he love her or is she just a fling? For Sierra, it’s worth the risk of heartbreak to find out.

How could she know it’s all smoke and mirrors, and the man she loves is an illusion?

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Kalico Jones has just moved to New York City and is desperate to keep her PR job. But during an important meeting, Hunter Munro, the hot sculptor hired by her company to design their new plaza, whispers, “Good girl!” to Kali when she picks up his pen. His mixture of charm and dominance sets off a firestorm of emotions inside of her, as she feels both outraged and aroused.

Hunter is a player in the city’s fetish scene so he’s used to women throwing themselves at him, but he prefers the pursuit—and Kali gives him a run he can’t resist! She keeps on surprising him as he teases her under the nose of their over-bearing boss. But he takes his game too far when Kali runs into trouble on the subway with a gang of bullies.

Hunter rushes to help her, and he ends up falling in far deeper than he expected as they explore the hidden romance in dominance and submission. But Kali doesn’t know the secret he’s been hiding…

Kali needs to find out—is it just the chase he loves, or can Hunter really love her? After all, how can a vanilla girl like her satisfy his darkest desires?

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